PGMOL issues statement admitting Diaz’s offside mistake.

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England’s Professional Football Refereeing Organization PGMOL has issued a statement admitting that Luis Diaz’s goal was ruled offside.

When the Reds were down to 10 people, in the 34th minute. Luis Diaz received the ball from Mo Salah before pulling it and shooting into the net. The linesman raised the offside flag. While it was quite clear in slow motion. That Diaz was still in Spurs’ last line of defense, VAR didn’t draw the line. And let this one pass and it turned out to be offside UFABET

Then, just 2 minutes later, Son Heung-Min came to score a goal to give the Golden Spurs the lead. Even though the Reds equalized in the first half of injury time, in the end, Liverpool, with only 9 people left on the field, were defeated by a goal. Joel Matip’s own in the 90+6 minute

Latest PGMOL has issued a statement regarding the said incident

“PGMOL is aware of the serious human error that occurred in the first half of the game between Tottenham Hotsport and Liverpool.”

“Luis Diaz’s goal was ruled offside by the on-field refereeing team. This is a clear mistake. And it should have been a goal with the intervention of VAR. However, VAR did not intervene.”

“PGMOL A full investigation will be conducted into the circumstances leading up to the error.”

“PGMOL will contact Liverpool immediately once this is resolved to acknowledge the error.”