‘Saliba’ hopes to take the gun to sweep the championship

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Arsenal defender William Saliba has revealed he wants to lead the club to trophies. Including the Premier League this season,

“Cannon” has done a great job this season. At present, they occupy the leader position. After 23 appearances,

Saliba has returned to form for Arsenal this season having spent the last three seasons on loan, joining Gabriel Magalhaes. very strong

The French footballer spoke about his loan spells in previous seasons. “It was a good experience for me. And I came back better than before ′′ ′

′ I didn’t play a game while here. So I always thought about that. I can’t leave this amazing club without playing any games. So I’m always thinking about coming back here. The UFABET report

“Before coming back, I want to play every game. But I don’t know if it will be or not. i try hard And everyone at this club helped me to be a real player. But it’s not over yet ′

′ I have to move on and practice hard. because everyone is good Even players who are not real We are on the same level So it’s a good race ′

′ I want to grab everything possible here. and bring the club back to its peak I want to win every title ′

′ We all want to win the Premier League. And I’ve never won a championship before. That’s why I try every day. But we know there are still 15 games to play, so it won’t be easy.