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Fish shooting game has a simple way to play. Where the player controls the gun to shoot at various fish and sea creatures swimming in the water to keep collecting points. Each fish and sea creature has a different score. Each type has different shooting abilities, such as guns with strong attack power. May be able to shoot slowly or use a limited number. But there is a special ability to shoot fish throughout the scene. A gun with light attack power but can clearly identify. the target clearly Can attack quickly and continuously, etc. There is also a special helper that will increase the chances of collecting more points. Whether it is a helper that helps to attack the fish on the screen. or will help the fish stop moving so that you can attack more accurately. ทางเข้า UFABET

How to count points from fish attacks

How to calculate points in fish shooting games We use fish and marine species as the basis for determining the score. Which will take the score of the fish. That have been shot multiplied. By the price of the ammunition that the gambler. Has chosen will get more or less points The type of ammunition is therefore important to determine the score. For example, a bullet cost 10 baht hit a fish with a score of 50 times, the prize money will be 500 baht, sometimes a single bullet can turn you into a millionaire.

Get to know different types of fish in fish shooting games

schools of fish and sea creatures. It is an enemy that the gambler will have to deal with. Some games may add more color and challenge to the game by adding more enemies. These fish are divided into two main categories:

– General fish : It is a fish that is both small and large. In addition, the defense power will be different. This fish is for collecting points.

– Special type of fish : It is a fish that gamblers must hurry to deal with. because it is a fish that comes with a special item when you shoot this fish You will receive items to help make your playing easier. This fish has a special symbol that if you can manage it. You can get special items from us right away.

– Boss fish : It is the fish that gamblers want the most. It is a giant fish that tends to stagnate and is not easy to deal with. These fish have special abilities such as swift movement, slow movement, but with enormous stamina, able to teleport to various points in the scene quickly. and have the ability to switch The fish shooters will need a special item or gun that has the highest ability to deal with it.

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