Pep emphasizes that Barcelona in his era beat their opponents with skill.

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Former Azulgrana boss Pep Guardiola would not comment on the Negreira case that Barcelona is currently facing.

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, as a former Barcelona trainer, spoke about his former club being officially charged with bribery in the Negreira case after discovering the payment of 7.7 million euros at. The club claimed the money was for the referee’s technical report and could only wait and see the outcome of the judicial process, according to a report from Deario Sport on Saturday. 

Barcelona are charged with payments made between 2001 and 2018, during which Guardiola spent four years as coach and helped the Azulgrana become one of the best clubs. In history, the manager of the City team emphasized that in his era success came from actually outperforming competitors. UFABET

‘Wait and see, let the next court proceed with the process. As far as I’ve ever heard I haven’t watched or read, but I haven’t seen Barcelona actually pay the referee for an advantage. I don’t see those things. I haven’t read it either.’

‘Therefore I would like to wait before making any comments. Barcelona will protect what they have to do. We’ll see.’

‘What I am quite sure of is that when Barcelona win it is because they are better than their opponent. I’m quite confident now, in our era, we won because we were much better than our competitors.’

‘And when they’re away, they don’t win, they lose, but the court will decide what really happened,’ Pep said.