‘Maguire’ reveals ETH standards are very high

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Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has revealed that Erik ten Hag is a manager who sets very high standards. Ready to admit that dreaming of winning the championship with the team

Despite disappointing results in the first games in charge, Ten Hag turned the fate of Manchester United until it received overwhelming praise.

The Dutch coach is going to lead the “Red Devils” to face “Salika Dong” in the finals of the Carabao Cup. which will play on Sunday.

Maguire talks about the boss. By revealing that Ten Hag is a consultant who sets very high standards. and have team ideas that they are unfamiliar with

“I must say that his ideas are different from many things we are used to. He used to play as a defender too,” he told UFABET.

“He has proven it to work this season. And it has worked in the past too. He instills a philosophy and concept that he wants us to play along with. We may tell you that there are still many things we need to improve. He’s highly demanding in everything he does and everything he says ′

′ Whether it’s on the training ground. Or when practicing passing the ball and you miss the pass. He will come straight to you right away. That was the standard he had set. He sets very high standards.”

In addition, Maguire also admits that winning a trophy with Manchester United is his dream.

“It will be a wonderful moment for me. It is a great honor for the captain of this club.

It’s a real privilege, ” he added. I dream of lifting my first trophy with this club since becoming captain. It was a long process. But as I said We still have a long way to go and this is the big game. which I won’t think about it too much until it arrives.”