JK didn’t care, Virgil van Dijk was cut off form.

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Normal manager Jurgen Klopp Liverpool’s day protects Virgil van Dijk , a tough defender Along with the social world, people tend to judge others too quickly and don’t have time to set themselves up.

center of the Holland national team Just recovered from injury and disappeared for 6 weeks, returned to the field as a real player in a game against Newcastle United last week. And was in a team that was beaten by Real Madrid 2-5 until there was a lot of criticism. The UFABET report

Klopp said, “I think differently. because I like to give people time The outside world doesn’t give people time.”

“This world is a crazy place. It’s not just in football. But it’s all about it. We don’t have time for anything else anymore and We know everything right away. We Googled everything, Bam Bam Bam, just one chance.” “

I come from a different time. I know everyone needs time to improve and come back to their best.”

“Everyone needs time in their lives. Everyone admitted this only to himself. but not with others I don’t care about it,

but again, it’s okay, it’s part of the show where we have to be judged

. We might play another couple of games well and you’re going to write “Van Dijk is the best ever!”