‘Greenwood’ prepares to become a father after a few weeks of scandal

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood is set to become a father for the first time, according to the British tabloid The UFABET.

The 21year-old has been cleared of attempted rape and assault. I just found out that my girlfriend who we are dating is pregnant. The families of both parties are well informed.

The report did not specify who the girlfriend was. But there was speculation that it was Harriet Robson who was involved in a lawsuit. Because a few days ago there were witnesses who saw the couple out together.

However it is understood some female players would be deeply concerned if senior club officials allowed Greenwood to return.

Natalie Burrell, founder of United Women’s Supporters’ Club, has said she never wants to see Greenwood in a red shirt again.

She said “United need to make a statement and letting him back would be the worst thing they could do.

Greenwood was arrested in January last year. After being accused of assaulting an ex-girlfriend but was just released 3 weeks ago

He is still banned by the club indefinitely. But was paid £75,000 a week. He currently has a contract at Old Trafford until 2025.

Greenwood wants to return to the first team as soon as possible. However, it is understood that some women’s players are deeply concerned if the player is permitted to return to the club.