Cole, singing sings, speeding up the contract clearing ‘Mouth’

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Former England midfielder Joe Cole has urged Chelsea to extend Mason Mount’s contract as soon as possible.

Mount’s contract It will run out at the end of next season. And so far no deal has been agreed to extend his contract amid interest from Liverpool.

Although the 24-year-old has received criticism for his performances on the field, Cole says the Blues need to keep him because of the effect. The work over the years has proven that

. “I’ve been working for this club for three or four years, I’ve won the Champions League, I try to go in every year…” “

He’s a leader, he sacrifices himself for the team. He wants to stay at Chelsea. I’m sure he thinks so ′

′ I don’t really understand. I don’t know about negotiations. Maybe they’re not at odds when it comes to weighing each other’s worth, they might think, “Where do I stand?”

“He’s now out of the team which is a dangerous situation for Mason and Chelsea. fickle football We may forget how great Mason Mount is as a player ′′ The UFABET report

Especially in this day and age. A player can be gone for 3-4 weeks and then they are completely forgotten. I think Chelsea It was necessary to remember how great a player he was. He will come back well ′′ ′

′ Renewing the contract is probably my top priority. There has to be a middle ground to settle this matter.”