Arteta told ‘Saka’ to protect herself. after being hit by an opponent

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says Bukayo Saka needs to defend himself. The 21-year-old is the main force of the “artillery” who are challenging for the Premier League title this season, scoring nine goals and providing eight assists in 23 games in the top flight. aristocrat

That made him a target to be attacked by his opponent. Team-mate Jorginho has previously called on the referees to protect Saka more,

but Arteta thinks Saka needs to start by defending himself. And must not let this distract him.

“The first person to protect Bukayo is himself. There are many ways to do that on the pitch, within the rules, he has to learn and improve on that,” he said.

“He had a response. but the dividing line is very thin So he can’t get out of his game and lose focus. But he can improve by being more focused, more focused, and more confident next time. So it’s something he has to do. The UFABET report

Saka has been fouled 40 times this season. But causing the opponent to receive only 4 yellow cards, which Arteta spoke about this issue “I must use the word It’s normal ′′

′′ He was used to it when he was 10, 11 or 12 because that’s how he played. I didn’t feel that he was worried at all. It was a challenge he had to face from every opponent he faced. He wanted to overcome that challenge. It’s just that.”