Study: The genetic legacy of extreme exploitation in a polar vertebrate

Understanding the effects of human exploitation on the genetic composition of wild populations is important for predicting species persistence and adaptive potential. We therefore investigated the genetic legacy of large-scale commercial harvesting by reconstructing, on a global scale, the recent demographic history of the Antarctic fur seal (Arctocephalus gazella), a species that was hunted to […]

Study: MIPT’s DREAM team makes semifinals of Amazon contest for AI developers

The DREAM team from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has reached the semifinals of the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 3, an international university contest for conversational AI developers. The goal of the challenge is to create advanced dialogue agents, or “socialbots,” for Amazon Alexa that will converse with users on popular topics […]

Study: Newly discovered enzyme “square dance”

How do you capture a cellular process that transpires in the blink of an eye? Biochemists at MIT have devised a way to trap and visualize a vital enzyme at the moment it becomes active — informing drug development and revealing how biological systems store and transfer energy. The enzyme, ribonucleotide reductase (RNR), is responsible […]

Report: Tips to make the most of NBN, internet services

NBN performance will vary during the current rise in social distancing and working from home, Flinders University expert Dr Paul-Gardner Stephens says. Delivery speed and service reliability will differ based on internet provider and technology: Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), copper (FTTN), cable TV coaxial networks, fixed wireless, or satellite. IT and software engineering senior […]

Study: Mesoamerican copper smelting technology aided colonial weaponry

When Spanish invaders arrived in the Americas, they were generally able to subjugate the local peoples thanks, in part, to their superior weaponry and technology. But archeological evidence indicates that, in at least one crucial respect, the Spaniards were quite dependent on an older indigenous technology in parts of Mesoamerica (today’s Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and […]

Report: Restricting civil liberties amid COVID-19 pandemic

In the past week alone, the spread of COVID-19 has caused federal and state governments to take measures that would have seemed extreme just weeks earlier: shutdowns of businesses, closing of borders, and curtailing of large gatherings. By Friday, one in five Americans had been asked by state and local officials in places like California, […]

Study: Machine-learning approach could improve lung cancer screening

A machine-learning method that can identify patients with early-stage lung cancer is described in Nature this week. The approach detects tumour-derived DNA in blood samples — so-called liquid biopsies — and may help to increase the adoption of screening for high-risk individuals. The recommended mode of screening for lung cancer in high-risk individuals is CT […]

Report: California has been passing tough animal welfare laws

For more than a decade, foie gras producers have been fighting to stop California from banning foie gras. Their argument: that some states imposing different, higher animal welfare standards violates the commerce clause of the US Constitution (which leaves the regulation of interstate commerce up to the federal government), or alternately violates federal laws about […]

Report: 200-MW CCA solar project comes online in California

Peninsula Clean Energy this month began providing more solar power to California’s San Mateo County from the 200-MW utility-scale Wright Solar Project located in the nearby Central Valley. “This is actual new steel in the ground that will send more clean and affordable power to our customers,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said. “As […]

Trump Iran attack injuries, “I heard that they had headaches”

Trump Iran attack injuries, “I heard that they had headaches”. President Trump on Wednesday minimized the injuries of several U.S. service members who suffered concussions during an Iranian missile attack on two Iraqi bases that house American personnel. “I heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things, but I would say and […]