5 steps to draw eyebrows with powder to make beautiful eyebrows

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Including the process of writing a simple eyebrow powder. that will help shape the eyebrows to look natural beautiful eyebrows Suitable for beginners who want to have beautiful, sharp eyebrows.

   Powdered brows will make your face look softer than brows with other products. Because the eyebrow dust will be lighter than using a pencil or magic pen. Plus, it’s not difficult to control writing. Suitable for beginners or people who want a clear look. in everyday life In this article, Vogue Beauty would like to share with you 5 simple powder eyebrow steps that anyone can follow. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

1. Choose the color of the eyebrow powder.

     Most of the eyebrow powder Comes in a cartridge, there will be 1-3 colors in one cartridge. This makes it easy for us to choose a shade that matches our hair color or skin tone. It can also be used for more benefits than eyebrow writing. Whether it’s contour, eye shadow or eyeliner in an emergency as well.

2. Choose a brush cutter head.

     An angled brush is a good choice for using a powder eyebrow. Because it is easy to draw the eyebrow shape and shade the eyebrows to look as natural as possible. The technique for getting the eyebrow pencil to stick to the brush is to sprinkle a small amount of makeup spray on the angled brush. When touching the eyebrow powder, it will help the color last longer.

3. The process of drawing eyebrows

     The eyebrow painting step starts with a brush dipped in the darkest color and tapping the brush 1-2 times to remove a little excess pigment. Start by writing the tail of the eyebrow. By creating the base of the eyebrow from the tip of the eyebrow and defining the tip of the eyebrow Then create a brow frame by using a brush to create a frame. From the tail of the eyebrow, the base of the eyebrow to the head of the eyebrow by chasing the weight of the line to soften Then use the remaining color on the brush to write a vertical line along the actual eyebrow hair at the head of the eyebrow. to make eyebrows look natural Not leeches and not too dark.

4.  Keep details with concealer

     Use a small flat brush to apply concealer. and collect details in the area under the tail of the eyebrow To make eyebrows look more precise and beautiful. But if anyone wants a more defined eyebrow shape The remaining concealer can be used with a brush to add more details in the eyebrows as well. But should not choose a concealer that is too soft. This can make your eyebrows look floating and unnatural.


5.  Brush your eyebrows with eyebrow mascara.

     End the process of drawing eyebrows by using eyebrow mascara The technique of choosing an eyebrow mascara is not much different from choosing an eyebrow pencil. Just choose the color that best matches your eyebrows and hair color. Then start brushing from the tail of the eyebrow to the top of the eyebrow. Repeat the eyebrow line in the first round and brush back to make the eyebrows align beautifully as usual. This technique will allow the mascara to coat the eyebrows. It makes the eyebrows aligned beautifully all day long.

     Eyebrow powder is an easy way to draw eyebrows and is perfect for beginners. Because we can determine the direction and weight to write more easily than using other products. Both the powder will help the eyebrows look natural. Suitable for a clear look like an everyday look that anyone can follow