What It Costs To Live In Berlin

I’m a comedian and improviser and I run and own my own cedar here at really, I was born in Germany but raised in Woodstock New York. My wife is also an artist she’s a dancer between her income and my income from the theater we’re able to make enough money to survive .

Berlin is a very artistic city a lot of people move here to sort of explore their creative science. I think the poor but sexy description of Berlin is more or less true here. The concern is less about paying the rent and more about how can I pursue some of my dreams and actually make a career, out of it rents are relatively low although that’s changing now.

Berlin was just named the number one increase in property values in the entire world. I moved to Berlin with my wife eight years ago, this apartment is 980 euros a month, it’s 94 square meters, has two bedrooms, a dining room the kitchen and a bathroom. Large spacious apartments in Berlin are actually quite common especially if you have an old house like this, in the morning we have breakfasts which usually consists of the toasts fried eggs probably avocado on top of that we make most of our food here at home. we’re able to cut down on a lot of costs by by cooking here and then eating leftovers, for lunch sometimes we’ll go to a small restaurant here in the neighborhood that we usually take to go and we’ll eat it either at the park or here Department will do that maybe once or twice a week.

Public transportation in Berlin is actually quite expensive and it’s quite good, it’s 24 hours you can get pretty much anywhere in about 30 minutes. I’d say there is definitely infrastructure for biking in Berlin and I bike everywhere.

I have public health insurance probably a majority of the population has public health insurance. I pay 150 euros a month for my health insurance and that is the lowest here for someone who’s earning a living wage because of the nature of the work, that I do my night life that my social life is pretty much confined to a comedy cafe Berlin which is the theatre that I know on Fridays we have improve comedy performed with a group with for over five years.

Now so yeah I do drink there and I do hang out there and I do have fun there the cost of drinking in Berlin is still quite low for like a standard German beer , it’ll be anywhere between 250 and 350. I don’t think I could have started something like this really anywhere else for 100k, just to start a business from the ground up and have it still running a two and a half years later.

I would attribute that to being here in Berlin, I do see myself staying in Berlin for quite a while having a business it’s kind of like having a baby and I can’t take that baby with me so it will be here as long as comedy cafe Berlin still exists I don’t really see myself wanting to leave Berlin

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